SweetLeaf Organic Stevia

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I was fortunate enough to receive a lovely package from SweetLeaf Organic Stevia products to review on this here blog!

I gave it some time to really test them out because you can’t rush these things, you know?

First, some facts about SweetLeaf Organic Stevia Sweetener:

• SweetLeaf Organic Stevia® Sweetener is a Certified Organic, zero-calorie sweetener made from high-quality stevia leaves.

• With a delicious taste that is sweeter than sugar, SweetLeaf Organic Stevia Sweetener is perfect for sweetening hot or cold beverages, cereals, baked goods, desserts, fresh fruit, yogurt, and more.

• SweetLeaf Organic Stevia Sweetener is gluten free, and contains no artificial ingredients, calories, carbohydrates, or glycemic response, making it ideal for people managing their blood sugar or calorie intake.

• One packet of SweetLeaf Organic Stevia Sweetener is as sweet as two teaspoons of sugar.


Individual packages of powdered stevia are becoming more and more popular as a replacement for sugar at coffee shops and such. This was the first time I’d tried flavored stevia in liquid form and they were a really nice addition to morning coffee! I tested peppermint mocha and I handed the pumpkin spice over to my spicy tea, pumpkin spice loving friend to try. she gave it a big thumbs up!




SweetLeaf also has Sweet Drops – concentrated bottles of flavoring you can add to water. My kids loved these as a little party in their cup! They enjoy juice and flavored drinks but we limit then so this was a great way of giving them something tasty without added sugar and such.



SweetLeaf Organic Stevia® comes in 35 ct. ($4.99) or 70 ct. packets ($8.99). Prices may vary based on the retailer.


Check out SweetLeaf Organic Stevia at SweetLeaf.com or visit facebook.com/SweetLeafStevia!

They also carry good, clean soap (ha!) that I love! Look for it at ShopSweetLeaf.com




I recently received a sample of this new product that I’d love to share with you. Oliviate is an all natural exfoliating scrub made with organic olive pomace (the pulp leftover after pressing out the oil), lemongrass essential oil and vegan glycerin. The simple, natural ingredients and lack of plastic microbeads make this a great choice for a gentle facial scrub that’s kind to your skin and the environment.   

I’ve used Oliviate for a couple of weeks now and I’m a big fan. It’s the perfect balance of scrubby but not too scrubby. It left skin feeling renewed and very smooth and the olive oil is very gentle and the residue kept my skin moisturized and soft after it was rinsed off.

Oliviate is not yet sold in stores and the company has launched a fundraising campaign to make it available in retail stores. Click here to support this new company and get your bottle of Oliviate! They are also using a referral reward program (info in the graphic below) so you can earn extra goodies if your friends use your link to the Indiegogo campaign!

Oliviate has until June 20th to meet their fundraising goal so please consider donating to the cause, supporting this venture and keeping plastic microbeads out of our oceans! Please SHARE!







Little Passports Review

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We were recently lucky enough to receive a Little Passports package to review. If you haven’t heard, Little Passports is a subscription of packages for children that nurtures their love for learning about geography, history, culture and language. In the packages you follow Sam and Sofia as they visit destinations in the USA and around the world.

We received the World Edition, suitable for 5-10 year olds. They also have a USA Edition for 7-12 year olds.

The first package includes a world map (a HUGE hit – we’ve been loving maps lately!), a travel passport, a suitcase, stickers, a luggage tag featuring a code for access to online games, a postcard from Sam and Sofia and an activity sheet.

According to the Little Passports website, future months’ packages will contain country adventure kits including:

  • An adventure letter
  • Fun souvenirs
  • Stickers for your child’s suitcase, passport, and map
  • Photos from that country’s sites
  • Online games and activities in our Boarding Zone

My girls had so much fun exploring all the pieces in the first package. E’s still a little young to benefit from the activity sheets but she was very excited to decorate her suitcase with the stickers and she is very much interested in learning where Sam and Sofia will travel to next. After flying to Puerto Rico last year, and recently moving to an area where we see lots of planes overhead, she’s always quite concerned about where those planes are going so she definitely understood the concept of Sam and Sofia traveling far and wide.







Little Passports offers various subscription plans to suit your needs, including monthly, a 6-month plan and a 12-month plan, for as low as $10.95 a month.

Also, a giveaway!

Last Chance! Little Passports 12 Month Subscription + 12 Month Creativebug Subscription Giveaway
You can win 1 year of Little Passports and 1 year of Creativebug’s amazing subscription for your kids. All you have to do is click through the entry link below. The package is worth a whopping $360 and I know everyone has two minutes to enter and win this prize!

Last Week Of Little Passports Giveaways!

Mabel’s Labels

I recently ordered some personalized sticky labels from Mabel’s Labels for Everleigh. She’s 3 so, quite obviously, she LOVES stickers! There are several options as far as colors and graphics go and she loved choosing the picture to go alongside her name. She experimented with the pig and the pirate ship but ultimately she went with the cat.


The stickers arrived quickly (and free shipping!) and Everleigh was so excited to get her own mail. I know where she gets it – fun mail always makes my day!20140401-125524.jpg

The stickers are waterproof and very durable so our first one got stuck on a favorite water bottle that sees daily use. Ever doesn’t go to school yet but these stickers seem perfect for lunch boxes and water bottles that get taken to school or daycare or summer camps.

The website also sells allergy alert labels for labeling lunches and such to make sure your children are eating safely whilst out of the home. We have a gluten intolerance in our house and a nut allergy (different family members!) so I’m familiar with the importance of keeping track of who eats what. These would make it much easier!

20140401-125545.jpgAs you can see, she was beaming with pride!20140401-125552.jpg

Visit Mabel’s Labels for all your labeling needs!

Thanks for reading this Mabel’s Labels review!

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