SweetLeaf Organic Stevia

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I was fortunate enough to receive a lovely package from SweetLeaf Organic Stevia products to review on this here blog!

I gave it some time to really test them out because you can’t rush these things, you know?

First, some facts about SweetLeaf Organic Stevia Sweetener:

• SweetLeaf Organic Stevia® Sweetener is a Certified Organic, zero-calorie sweetener made from high-quality stevia leaves.

• With a delicious taste that is sweeter than sugar, SweetLeaf Organic Stevia Sweetener is perfect for sweetening hot or cold beverages, cereals, baked goods, desserts, fresh fruit, yogurt, and more.

• SweetLeaf Organic Stevia Sweetener is gluten free, and contains no artificial ingredients, calories, carbohydrates, or glycemic response, making it ideal for people managing their blood sugar or calorie intake.

• One packet of SweetLeaf Organic Stevia Sweetener is as sweet as two teaspoons of sugar.


Individual packages of powdered stevia are becoming more and more popular as a replacement for sugar at coffee shops and such. This was the first time I’d tried flavored stevia in liquid form and they were a really nice addition to morning coffee! I tested peppermint mocha and I handed the pumpkin spice over to my spicy tea, pumpkin spice loving friend to try. she gave it a big thumbs up!




SweetLeaf also has Sweet Drops – concentrated bottles of flavoring you can add to water. My kids loved these as a little party in their cup! They enjoy juice and flavored drinks but we limit then so this was a great way of giving them something tasty without added sugar and such.



SweetLeaf Organic Stevia® comes in 35 ct. ($4.99) or 70 ct. packets ($8.99). Prices may vary based on the retailer.


Check out SweetLeaf Organic Stevia at SweetLeaf.com or visit facebook.com/SweetLeafStevia!

They also carry good, clean soap (ha!) that I love! Look for it at ShopSweetLeaf.com